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"An Atheist is not one that refuses to read religious doctrine; it is often one who reads too many." -Mark Julius

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Being either a believer or non-believer, we have all (hopefully) contemplated the existence of a higher power. Human history is riddled with thousands of gods and goddesses, each carrying traits that resemble the culture they came from. One must take into account that ancient Greeks, Mayan, Egyptians ect. believed their gods were the only one. Then came the movement of monotheism (the belief in only one god). Now, the stories of Zeus, Thor and Kukulcan are regarded as only myths. If you are a believer in Christianity, I urge you to think about this. What happened that pushed Zeus out and pulled Christianity in? Who's to say that in another few hundred years, Scientology will be regarded as the most popular religion? I believe that there will be a day in human history when people view the Bible as an ancient mythological writing, as I do now.

I am writing this blog to share and discuss the different views of people. I will focus mainly on the Christian religion, with an atheistic bias. All thoughts are welcome as long as they are not harmful.

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  1. Very good points. The logic is strong in this one.

    Also, the quiz question says Do you believe in God: Yes, No, It's a possibility. Correctly it should have been Yes, No, I am not sure since "It's a possibility" is not related to belief but to knowledge. And yes, a supernatural power is possible but is not supported by nothing.

    So I can't tick in both "No" and "It's a possibility".

    Overall, good luck on your 'brain droppings'. Blogs are excellent places to think and share.

    Bonus video: http://vimeo.com/13115502 ( for some critical thinking; on superstitions; 'brain droppings' )